Gembrook Pizza Cafe and Fish and Chips     

                                                                                                           This old building was an essential store during
                                                                                                      the legendary times of the logging and prospecting pioneers who built Gembrook.  



   Seeped in the history of the entertainment and relaxation of the hard working
 community the store still retains its character even after all the years,
        and its conversion to eating places.             









This artist's impression shows the building as it was at the time.
                    (note the red light over the upper door)

















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Fully modernised and air-conditioned for your comfort, these  eating places offer a wide choice of food; delicious pizzas freshly prepared while you wait; fish and chips cooked while you watch.

 You can eat them in the comfort of the restaurants, or as a take-away while you wander through the village. The pizzas are prepared in the good old fashioned way of tasty bases and lots and lots of toppings.   You only have to try the fish and chips to know that this is a local family business with family quality at heart.

The J.A.C.Russell Park, where the children can play safely just across the way, is within easy view.