GEMBROOK MARKET         From 9 am until 2 pm on the 4th SUNDAY OF THE MONTH -


                                            THIS IS A MAKER'S MARKET 
        All goods on offer will have been made, grown, reared, cooked or caught by the stall holder or together with their close associates.
              There are no factory produced items; no bought-in items; no wholesalers and no reselling of other people's products.

                                  Whoever sells the product, has produced the product.

       CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE from when the market was on Puffing Billy land.
                The market has since moved to a wider and more spacious area
                                                      adjacent to, and including,
                 the Community House on the corner of the Pakenham Road; adjacent to the childrens' adventure park


                 Revitalised after a long period of absence, Gembrook Market has striven to produce an event that is a perfect combination of modern thinking and traditional values. Gone are the imported items; gone are the pseudo home-grown or pseudo home-made products and gone are the sellers of junk and jumble. Insisting on full control of the products on sale, the dedicated committee have established a market with a guaranteed quality of goods which can only be achieved by strict selection and genuine home-made products. The focus of this market is to promote sustainable living. It is one of environmental compatibility and making healthy living choices which will help protect the environment for future generations. This emphasis is pursued by the committee at all levels.

            Product quality is maintained at a very high level and stallholder applicants who cannot demonstrate these standards are ineligible. Products, which are proudly presented, include new and reworked arts and cottage crafts; horticulture propagated by the stallholder; small farm and domestic animals; healthy living practitioners. Stalls selling similar products are not encouraged and in most cases are not accepted. Each stall has its unique quality - different goods, different foods.

Just examine the variety of products and taste the samples of healthy, fresh or prepared foods; organic or carefully home grown, to immediately remember how good markets used to be.
Come and try this market for yourself.
                  Come by car or train, have a cuppa or a tasty snack at the market open cafe or one of the local eating places, and browse through this unique selection of market stalls.

                                                             Gembrook has succeeded in presenting a market with a difference - looking to the future and bringing the best from the past.
                                                                          COME AND SEE



                                            This is a maker's market.
                         Whoever sells the product, has produced the product.